Thursday, February 16, 2012


To My Mad Mommas Out There!
So this is me, having an Old Fashioned...cheering to you, my mad momma comrades. 
This is my first entry ever on my first blog ever. 
I am ready to share all that goes on behind the scenes of my mad brain, mad planning, mad cleaning and prepping, and all the hysteria that comes with being a mother in general. Specifically, a mother of two...G is my three and a half year old and R is my 16 month old son. I have to admit I am the type that pictured myself in the mommy role since day one of my existence, but hell...that still doesn't make this job easy. So at times we have to be mad. Mad in order to accomplish everything we want to do. Mad to take what is rightful for our children. 
Mad to try to grocery shop with two kids under two. It has all been done before you, and will be done again. So I say again...cheers to my mad mommas who refuse to settle for anything other than complete madness.

Oh and if that little speech didn't make you feel any better about the mania that comes along with motherhood, try a cocktail!

How to make a REAL Old Fashioned

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