Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple Soup for Your Sickies

A Simple Soup for Your Sickies

Well, last week the mysterious stomach bug joined us for a quick visit. Hopefully that rat bastard is gone for good.
This soup can join your sprite and saltines menu or just be a nice backup for busy days. Also, for all my mad mommas with babies, you can puree this with some rice cereal and serve it to your little one. Pour it into ice cube trays and freeze for individual servings later on.

Here is a super simple, basic, vegetable broth soup with noodles and tofu.
-Based on  a recipe by Nava Atlas

The Main Ingredients
-Olive Oil (2 tbs)
-Salt (1 tbs, or to taste)
-Pepper (1/2 tbs)
-Dry Dill (1 tbs)
-Vegetable Bouillon (2 cubes)
-Alphabet Noodles (1 cup)
-Silken Tofu Extra Firm (entire package)
-Carrots (about 6-8 whole carrots, chopped)
-White Onion (half, chopped)
-Celery (about 8 stalks, chopped)

Step 1:  
Chop up your onion and celery
-They should be the same size-ish

Step 2:  
Add 2 tbs olive oil and 1 tbs water to a large pot and turn on medium low heat. 
-When hot, add onion and celery

Step 3:
Chop up your carrots while your onion and celery sweat it out. I like to use smallish whole organic carrots, cut into coin like pieces.
-Add to the now tender onion and celery

Step 4:
When carrots have been incorporated with the onion and celery for a minute or so, add water. About 8-10 cups depending on pot size, lol.
-Turn heat up to medium high

Step 5:
Once the water is simmering, add bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, and dill
-Check your carrots periodically for desired tenderness

Step 6: Once your carrots are tender, turn the heat up just a tad and add your noodles. Check the box for cooking time and set your timer. Generally it is about 7-10 minutes, remember to stir
-Use this time to chop up your tofu and check on your sickie

Step 7: Once the noodles are cooked you can add the tofu and immediately turn the heat off on the stove. Just let the soup sit for a bit, until it is cool enough to serve, puree, refrigerate, or freeze.
*Another helpful hint- After two meals of soup, the kids might not want it can still serve the carrots separately or puree them as well.
*Pairs well with Sprite and Saltines.

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