Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Treat Bag Ideas and Tips
G and I decided to tackle the ever so ambitious homemade treat bag for her Easter party at school.
We included-
*Rice Cripsy Eggs- dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles
(these links are to some of my favorite bloggers for snack and dessert ideas)
Since you can just click on the above links for the recipes...I will show you how ours turned out and give you a few quick tips.
Rice Crispy Eggs
-only grease a couple plastic eggs. One greased egg can make several...eggs.

-use your finger to remove excess chocolate before dipping in the sprinkles. 
-Buy extra sprinkles!!!
-Recipe says three dozen, we got 26, and did lots of snacking in between.
Pretzel Bunnies and Chicks
-we used cut up peachy rings for the duck bills.
-for the decorative icing I used: a half a cup of powdered sugar with a 1/2 tbs of water and 1/2 tsp of dried egg whites. This is a classic gingerbread icing mix and sets up fast. You can put the icing in a plastic baggy and cut a small hole at the tip to use as a piping bag. For pink I added one drop of red...and for blue I added one drop of blue.
-the recipe says to use the edible food markers but they never work right for me. I start to feel like I am in middle school trying to get my gel pens to work, argh.

We found the actual bags in
the easter aisle at target...which came with the adorable egg shaped cards. G found the glitter stickers in the card aisle. 
I will make labels for the back of the card that say:
Happy Easter!
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