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Feeding a Picky Toddler- 5 Quick Tips

Oh Joy, They Won't Eat
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4 Quick Tips
(without having to turn a veggie dog into an octopus...although cute-ish)
photo via Parent's Magazine
Mine aren't too picky, however, when they are it drives me temporarily insane.

1. Offer hors d'oeuvres
-apple moons with peanut butter
-egg boats (hard-boiled egg whites)
-avocado canoes (slice along the pit) 
-cheese building blocks
-small trees (steamed broccoli)
2. Peer pressure
-Once your toddler sees their bestie munching on carrots dipped in ranch they may be more apt to try it out. We all know trying is the hardest part (which is the source of my madness during mealtime).
3. Eat it in front of them...when they are hungry.
It never soon as I sit down with something to eat, I am surrounded. I try to take advantage of these moments, handing out raw spinach pieces, bites of beans, and veggie laden works!
4. When all else fails, hide it!
Here is a link to the Buddha of hiding healthy food into your kids' favorites...The Sneaky Chef.
-Mac & Cheese with hidden cauliflower and zucchini!
Check out the video for breakfast ice cream (with avocado) and a few other sneaky ways to get your picky toddler to eat.

Check out what Parent's Magazine thinks the best 20 snacks are for your toddlers...including this peanut butter pop. These are some of the cutest ideas I have ever seen!

My Current Go-To Favorites

Goldfish brand whole wheat bread...add peanut butter, cheese, or whatever in between. They fit in ziploc sandwich baggies for on the go.

Canned beans...we eat them hot or cold. Black beans hidden in a cheesy tortilla or cannellini beans as finger food. Chick peas are great to munch on as well.   If I am really creative (sarcasm), I heat these up (do not rinse) with a little taco seasoning, salsa, and corn. Add avocado and all your favorite taco toppings to a hard shell and there is dinner!
Veggie hot dogs-so easy to make when the kids are hungry 5 minutes ago.

Whole Wheat waffles-add a little canola butter spread, strawberries, and sometimes a dot of whipped cream.

Click the link to my Healthy Snacks Board on Pinterest and add more ammo to your mealtime madness!

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