Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm Homemade Strawberry Pie
G, R, & I happened to be at Johnson's right as the buckets of strawberries were loaded onto a cart and ready to go. We bought ourselves the juiciest $11 bucket we could find and then had more strawberries on our hands than we could eat. Let's make a pie.
The Crust.
You can either buy two frozen pie crusts (not pre-baked), or you can make your own the night before so the dough has time to chill in the fridge.  We made this one. Just be sure to chill it as directed, and then let it sit out about 10 minutes before rolling it out the next day. We divided ours into to balls, wrapped them in plastic, and then stuck them in the fridge overnight. Hello future top crust and bottom crust. 
The Filling.
We had made strawberry pie a few times before, so I already had this recipe* bookmarked. The words old fashioned resinate with me when it comes to pie...rustic, scrappy, and traditional. 
*alteration to the original recipe: add 1 tsp cornstarch to the flour mixture to help thicken the filling as the berries release their precious juices.
Be sure to cut some kind of slit or hole into the top crust so air can release while it bakes. Otherwise you will have a bubbly pie...which doesn't sound all THAT bad.

Oh, and check it out. I floured my jammy pants.

If you are a real beginner (i.e. never rolled out dough before) watch this video to calm your nerves and prepare you for a lifetime of pie making!

Enjoy the lovely weather and hopefully some homemade strawberry pie!


  1. As an alternative Johnson's sells homemade shortcake(the real kind) for a few bucks. They buy heavy cream, whip and a tad sugar. Homemade strawberry shortcake!

  2. that sounds yummy too! i was at the johnson's off 30 and they closed their market area...unless it just isn't opened yet. it was super empty in there.