Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooky Marshmallows on a Stick

Halloween Treats
(that take 5 minutes to make)
G's school has a few "rules" about when parents bring in treats. Easy to eat, small, and simple. For us moms that can't just stop at WiseWay (not that there is anything wrong with that) here is a simple snack that can be reinvented over and over again to suit your needs.

All you need is:
-Dipping chocolate or melting candies
-Sticks (Michael's candy section)
-Wax paper

Just follow the directions on the Candy Melts to melt your candy. I like to dip the stick in the candy and then into the marshmallow for reinforcement. Let it sit for a few minutes before dipping the marshmallow.

Dip half of the marshmallow into the melted candy and let it drip for a few seconds, then immediately dip your marshmallow into the sprinkles...and let it dry on the wax paper! 5 minutes to dry and done-zo!

Once these are dry you can stick them in a large ziploc bag for up to a week!!! 

Another version of these that I make is the s'mores on a stick!