Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Tree & Pine Cone Ornaments

A Christmas Themed Sunday

We went to Guse's Christmas Tree Farm in Wanatah today to chop down our tree. Sammy and I have been getting real trees every Christmas we have been together. The first tree was $15 and we had to basically lie, cheat, and not eat for a week to get it. The best of times. Today we can pick the 8ft tree and buy the fresh popped popcorn. The kids even got to see Santa and take a train ride.

We decorated the tree and I spray-painted some pine cones I collected from my biggest pine tree, and from my mom's row of pines.

You can pretty much use the photos below as a tutorial to make your very own pine cone ornaments. They can also be used as a way to spruce up your gift wrapping. Get it...SPRUCE!

The kids did their own tree decor and we finished the afternoon with some warm milk.

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  1. We have gone to Guse's for the past 19 years. Great place. Its a destination, not just an activity. We were there on Friday, so we were sure to get our tree chopping in while the kids were home on break from college. That also gave us enough time for them to help decorate it before they had to go back. Great use of pine cones! Merry Christmas! Marcie