Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playroom Post 1: Gathering My Ideas

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So this is kind of a cheesy vision board post, but when you want something to look a certain way (on a budget)...blah blah blah. I am really trying to use things we already have by giving them a little facelift (stay tuned). I am hoping for a Christmas Morning Reveal!

Color Palette: Green, Black, White, Tan, Gray, and Red or Orange


I am working with a tiny finished space in my basement. About average living room size (I worked out this am, so I am not going downstairs to measure the basement), and it needs to be multifunctional.

Wish List
-Reading Nook
-Craft Area
-Organized Storage
-TV area
-Music Corner

Inspiration Pics!
Here are the purchases I have made already...and photos of what I am REACHING for.

I sent Sammy to Ikea to pick up this area rug ($29), two expedit units to make the seating/storage combo seen above, and the stools ($7.99ea)!

Black and White fabric for the seating cushion-->   

We have had this table for years...I am going to prime the top and paint it with chalkboard paint!---->

Ikea was out of these $3.99 spice racks, but I am going to get me some!

This is what I picture happening in my utopia basement...I may need to rent kids.

Click here to see my Playroom Pinterest Page and stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Love it all Michelle!! We just finished our basement and also have a dedicated play area. Will be working on this project after the new year and will most likely use some of these for inspiration!! Cant wait to see your finished project!!