Monday, December 10, 2012

Basement Update: A whole lot of planning

Chalkboard Table Complete!
So, I am hoping for that lovely Christmas morning reveal. I want the kids to wake up and see a space for crafting, exploring, and storing. Which means I still have a lot of work to do. Today I finished the "chalkboard" play table. I got to admit I am mostly using this post as a way to organize my thoughts and visualize my laundry list.

Here is my previous plan for the playroom/basement.

I have tweaked a few things and bought my paint! The paint color I chose is by Sherwin-Williams and is called Light French Gray. The basement is a small area and needs lightening up. Here is a picture off of the Sherwin-Williams website that features the (hopefully) perfect gray color!

In my previous blog post, my original plan was to use Ikea Expedit Shelves to create storage and seating. As seen here.----->
<-----Here is what we have so far. I purchased boxes with lids for $7.99 each at Old Time Pottery! We have since decided to get a couch for a tv/lounge area, so I am  nixing the padded top for the shelves. I did purchase fabric from OTP ($2 for 2 yards), which I am going to use for making comfy pillows. The white stools and area rug are from Ikea's Children's Section.

I bought a Martha Stewart Sunburst Mirror at Home Depot for $35!

I scored this wooden book shelf at Goodwill for $5 and painted it black! (Stay tuned for the final reveal)------>

Today I finished making the chalkboard table. We have had this "end table" for years now, which was purchased at T.J. Maxx for $19.99. It is warped from water spills and looks like it belongs in a night club. I primed the top with basic primer. After the primer dried, I sprayed the chalkboard paint horizontally until the table was completely covered. That's it!

List of Things Still To Be Done
-Paint walls
-Make pillows
-Some sort of light feature
-Get a couch
-Frame photos and hang from a tree branch (stay tuned)
-Get a T.V.

Um, 15 days until XMAS??? Really??


  1. Hey Michelle, Not sure if you started your benches. I've been trying to complete this project for 2 months now. Not that it's hard, but I was sooo slow. I am not looking for anything I can staple..It was fun to finish!
    Anyway, the foam is on sale at JoAnne's now 1/5 off.
    Not sure if you're using MDF board,but I found that to be too expensive and I was able to get underlayment wood for $10 and home depot cut it down for me for only $1.50.
    I can't wait to see your finished product! When I get my space complete, I'll upload on my FB.
    Happy Crafting!!! Jen Tse

    1. Awesome Jen! Thanks for the tidbits!!! I have actually decided to just put pillows on top because we need the tops for crafting space and we are getting a couch! I am waiting for the walls to be painted and then it's a go as far as lighting and wall decor go! I am so ready to finish it up! Good job momma!