Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Photos and Good Memories

Scooby Doo Birthday!
I was looking through old photos while the kids were making crafts that are definitely Christmas themed, but rules.
I came across some great photos from G's third Scooby Doo themed birthday party. She has loved Scooby since the inception of television into her life. I remember the party so vividly, like it was yesterday. I suppose creating these lasting memories is why we get up at 5am to frost the homemade cake. I also remember it being the last time my grandma was at my house before she passed away. We laughed because when making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese we both use the box as the spoon holder. I have a few photos of her smile here on my computer...and many more in my mind. I get to see her in my jiggly arm fat and my style of cooking...a pinch of this, and a handful of that.

This sign was custom made by Simko Signs!
We played a "Mystery Game" where I pretended the cupcakes were missing and we had to follow "clues" to find them. Turns out my dad had taken them...and tried a few!
We also had a little dress up booth where the littles, eh hem, could try on their best Villain Disguise.
 The best photo for last of all...the birthday girl at three-years-old.
The Birthday Dress is from J.Crew

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wouldn't have it any other way...

This is how we wake up
Goldie's pillow takes up most of the bed. The sheets are wrinkled and worn. I have an airplane in my back. Sometimes there are crumbs from a late night snack, or a stain from spilled milk. All washable. All removable. These are the images in my head when people stop me in the grocery store and say "enjoy this time, it goes by too fast". I do enjoy this time. I enjoy waking up with kids in my bed. It does go by too fast. So I remove the airplane from my back and look out the window.
Gorgeous. Looks like we will be playing outside after preschool. I drop G off at school and when I get back I am asked if I want the good news or the bad news. Good news please. Rex pooped on the toilet. Not the froggy potty, the big regular toilet. Without help. Here comes the bad news. 
He wiped himself.
It could be much worse. As Sammy and I clean up operation poop smear, we are reminded that it all goes by too fast.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bloomington Weekend

Bloomington Mini-Vacation
As I put this quick post together about our weekend in Bloomington, I can only notice what is missing! The Fire Tower, the Cascades, Bryant Park, etc. We were so lucky to have a 55 degree day in January, however, we didn't do some of our usual Bloomington activities. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to do in the wintertime...the outdoor activities just boost my sales pitch.

We took these pictures and videos purely for our own enjoyment. I decided just to toss them together in case you happen to be looking for a reason to get to Bloomington. Here are a few!

The Lewinsky: Caramel, Coconut, and Vanilla

Laughing Planet: Best Burrito
Try the Thai-Me-Up

Cactus Flower: Best New & Vintage Clothing

Hotel Room Joys: Hilton Garden Inn 
-No dishes, dusting, or cleaning
-Eating in bed
-Swimming=Bath time
-Take-out or Take-in
-Free Coffee

Wonderlab: Children's Science Museum

Upland Brewery: Rootbeer and Upland Wheat

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

I Heart You
The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift
So has these adorable photo books that are an awesome way to capture and display your photo favorites. The photo books I always buy are the 8X11, and run about $20-$35 depending on how many pages your book contains. Right now there is a 30% off code (BOOK30) on all photo books.
 I originally thought that these would make excellent Christmas or Birthday presents for the kids, but who has time to sit and organize photos and plan a party/prepare for the holidays? 
Behold the perfect Valentine's Day gift. It doesn't contain sugar and it lasts forever. 
My kids will wake up to their new books on Valentine's Day morning. A tradition I hope to enjoy well into their adult years.

Looking for more non-edible ideas?

-Make them a c.d. or playlist of their favorite songs.
-Bake their favorite treat with them, and give some to a friend!
-Get them a fresh box of crayons or a new container of paints.
-Get them something they need, but with a a water bottle with their name on it.
What about a soft robe for your little lady
The perfect t-shirt for your king of hearts
What about new swimsuits and accessories...the kids will love them and you will be ready for summer!

Don't forget baby! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Train Birthday Party!

Photos from our Train Birthday Party this past fall.  Taltree was the perfect place for a train party. You can find out more by taking a peek at our visit this past summer. If you have any questions about how anything was made let me know by leaving a comment below, and I will respond right away. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.
Instead of having the kids receive presents, we did a benefit for a local family. The train pinata was used as a giant piggy bank, and the children emptied baggy after baggy of change to donate. We received over $350 in change!

I ironed names onto these hats for every little engineer that attended.

Click here for recipe!

The Birthday Kids! 

Engineer hats and handkerchiefs!

We ended the party with a hayride through the Arboretum