Friday, January 18, 2013

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

I Heart You
The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift
So has these adorable photo books that are an awesome way to capture and display your photo favorites. The photo books I always buy are the 8X11, and run about $20-$35 depending on how many pages your book contains. Right now there is a 30% off code (BOOK30) on all photo books.
 I originally thought that these would make excellent Christmas or Birthday presents for the kids, but who has time to sit and organize photos and plan a party/prepare for the holidays? 
Behold the perfect Valentine's Day gift. It doesn't contain sugar and it lasts forever. 
My kids will wake up to their new books on Valentine's Day morning. A tradition I hope to enjoy well into their adult years.

Looking for more non-edible ideas?

-Make them a c.d. or playlist of their favorite songs.
-Bake their favorite treat with them, and give some to a friend!
-Get them a fresh box of crayons or a new container of paints.
-Get them something they need, but with a a water bottle with their name on it.
What about a soft robe for your little lady
The perfect t-shirt for your king of hearts
What about new swimsuits and accessories...the kids will love them and you will be ready for summer!

Don't forget baby! 

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