Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Arizona Vacation

Oh, so this is what a vacation feels like. 
I have always been one to go for a trip even with little kids/babies. I figure if I am going to be changing diapers and breastfeeding, why not do it somewhere else. Especially somewhere warm. With my youngest on the verge of potty-training, and breast feeding a distant memory...this was the first year I actually took in some long pauses on vacation.
Also, to my midwest mommas...I forgot how great it is to sit at a park in 75 degree whether. Hang on, just a couple more months.
Things We Did
-Phoenix Zoo: Second visit, still amazing.
-Children's Museum: First visit, awesome.
-Spring Training at Fitch Park: Great, free, concession stands open, playground within walking distance.
-Ate Out: Kona Grill, In-and-Out, Bandera, Humble Pie Pizza.
-Took long walks to look at cacti, mountains, and weird trees.
Smeagol Tree

-Swam in Uncle Jeff's heated pool.
-Colored, painted, played ball, read, watched cartoons...normal stuff we would have done at home, but in nicer weather.

A.J.'s Gourmet Grocery

Phoenix Children's Museum

The Many Poses of Goldie


  1. Nice pics! I was in Arizona last year. :-) Found this blog via "children".