Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's a Cupcake on a Cupcake!

Goldie will be celebrating her half birthday at school with these!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and had a "why didn't I think of that" moment. 
This cupcake really doesn't need much explanation, but I will give you my secrets.

As someone who regularly bakes, often from a are my favorite brands.

Best Boxed Cake Mix: Duncan Hines Devil's Food
Best Canned Icing: Pillsbury Whipped (any flavor)

Making the Cupcake Cupcakes

I took the wrapper off the peanut butter cups because I could picture a bunch of preschoolers eating it. Instead of using a piping bag for the icing, I just do the same concept with a ziploc baggy. That way it is disposable. Just snip a small hole at the corner and push the icing through. This is a simple trick to give it a more professional look. A red M&M as the cherry on top. Red hots look more like cherries, but again...preschoolers.
These sprinkles are so bright and bold. They were perfect for Christmas Cookies too!

Here is another idea, baking cupcakes to say Thanks to a special someone. I used Duff's Candy Writers to make the polka dots and "Thanks". You can use the candy writers to make any design you can think of! Just let them dry and voila! 


  1. Love love love it!! You go Momma! ;-)

  2. Thanks Carrie!!! I made those for our kids a few weeks back! They are very simple!