Monday, October 14, 2013

The Chilling Ghost Cocktail

I must have been guided by spirits, because I accidentally created a new to me 
Halloween Cocktail!

Seriously, I was making tacos for dinner and decided to make a lazy margarita. I mixed some fresh lime juice, triple sec, and Simply Lemonade...and then realized I didn't have any tequila.

I did have Bacardi though! After I put fresh lime juice on the rim and some himalayan pink salt, I stirred it up and could not figure out for the life of me why it looked blue-ish. And ghostly.
One halloween paper straw and a strip of washi tape later, you have the Chilling Ghost Cocktail!

Makes Two Highball Cocktails

-1 lime
-Triple Sec
-Simply Lemonade (necessary for clear color)
-Himalayan Pink Salt for Rim

-Lime and salt your highball rim. Squeeze the lime juice, 2 shots of Bacardi, and 2 shots of Triple Sec into 2 cups of lemonade. Mix. Pour over ice.

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