Monday, March 24, 2014

Free Easter Printables!

My goal for today, to actually post on my blog! 
Big news, I know! 
Actually, I really miss doing DIY crafting for myself, so this is a great excuse to get back at it!

I have been enjoying honing my graphic design skills (I went from a 0 to a 3), but I really love doing it! It is free to do! No paper or supplies needed.

I use PowerPoint believe it or not, to Natalie's dismay, but eventually hope to take a professional class or two. 

Anyway, here is a free Easter printable by me for you! I jumped on the PEEPS band wagon, because they are so cute! These little peeps were a royalty-free download on Vector. I resized them, added the circle background, and used the Great Vibes font to create the cute saying.

To make these I used a standard 3x3 inch circle paper punch and a hole puncher!

Click here for the printable and enjoy!